In 2022, I graduated cum laude from the KABK (Royal Academy of Art The Hague) as a textile designer. I am inspired by the challenges my generation is facing, such as climate change and aim to include this in my art. Specifically, my art is focused on recycling, upcycling and sustainability; so I mainly use everyday materials that are often overlooked. Materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, have now been given a new purpose through art. Having lived in the largest female student house in the Netherlands (with 36 girls), has led me to conduct research on various materials, ecosystems, and waste on acontinue basis. Such as trash bags, dryer fluff, clothing items, plastic grocery bags and more.

After my graduation I established my own atelier in Amsterdam, which has provided me with a dynamic environment to further develop my artistic vision alongside fellow creatives. For one of my latest project, I drew inspiration from an antique butterfly cabinet housed at the Naturalis museum. This cabinet was historically utilized for the preservation of butterflies, with each drawer containing samples of various species. The drawers serve as the frames for the artworks, with each piece intimately connected to the butterfly species preserved within its respective drawer. Conducting thorough research into these diverse butterflies, I found inspiration in their intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and magnificent shapes. Each art piece portrays the unique allure of the butterfly.

In my creative process, I incorporated a variety of recycled materials, including lint from the dryer, leftover yarn scraps, dog hair, food packaging materials, reused fabrics, bracelets from art festivals and more. These materials allowed for sustainable practices but also added an element of depth to my works. This piece transitioned garbage to art, connecting senses with sustainability.

Curriculum Vitae


Joana Schneider working assistant 


Dutch Design Week

Big Art

RCL Design Interieur exhibitor

Publication Collator Magazine 

Artist talk & workshop House of arts and crafts 

K38 Art center group exhibition GROEN

Milan Design week Isola

Laurence Aegerter working assistant - now

Kunst RAI Amsterdam, Frank Welkenhysen galerie 

Publication fashion Room Bookstore 

Vila Romana Artist talk in Florence

Residency SOPRA SOTTO 3 weeks in Tuscany, topic: senses and sustainability 

Kleinste gallerietjeDe Hallen Amsterdam 4 months  

Object Rotterdam

Straatkrant Z publication


Meubel + interieur publication

Time-out designed a coat for the theater show

Elle decoration ETC design center presenting my work

Mad art Galleries recap exhibition 

Big Art bijlmer bajes 

Qkunst Province house South-Holland

Art Noord V galerie Frank Welkenhuysen

Laurence Aegerter working assistant for 3 months

Art & Luxury fair Hotel huis ter Duin

Mad art Galleries duo exhibition with Benjamin Nyari

Young design selection the new instituut Rotterdam curated by 

Object Rotterdam 

Soesoe art exhibition and performance for students


ETZ Hospital Tilburg exhibition, commissioned work

Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven at Piet Hein Eek

Glue Amsterdam VIVA fabrics

Graduation show 2022

Exposed Amare the Hague 

Graduated cum laude at the KABK in The Hague


Internship Textiel museum Tilburg weaving department, during I worked on a big project in collaboration with Studio Drift

2017 - 2018

Von Erlenbach Kunstschule, Berlin Portfolio training from sept 2017 till feb 2018