In 2022, I graduated from the KABK in The Hague as a textile designer. In my generation, recycling, upcycling, sustainability, and other ecological terms have become commonplace, and they have greatly influenced my artistic inspiration. I draw inspiration from everyday materials that are often overlooked, utilizing them in sustainable and innovative ways.

Living in the largest female student house in the Netherlands, housing 36 girls, I find inspiration within the daily routines and activities of our household. Through extensive research on various materials, ecosystems, and waste, I have become increasingly aware of the significant amount of waste produced on a daily basis. This realization has fueled my desire to create awareness by repurposing these materials and presenting them in a new context.

Within the larger context of our household's energy consumption, I stumbled upon an intriguing material: dryer fluff, a byproduct of our constant use of the machine. Collecting this fluff has given me insight into the seasonal clothing habits of our household members. Through my artwork, created during the 2022-2023 period, I aim to visually depict the comparisons between a bustling household's waste, including clothing waste, hair residue, and other remnants.

During my material research, I challenged myself by exploring the tufting technique and experimenting with unconventional materials. Plastic supermarket bags, garbage bags, and old clothing were transformed into unique artistic expressions. Each artwork contains a hidden text featuring a typical student saying. By incorporating the daily influx of clothing packages received in our household, I aim to shed light on the polluting aspects of the clothing industry, which significantly impacts our daily lives.

Furthermore, I present "The Pill," a thought-provoking artwork that focuses on the health industry and, specifically, the birth control pill. Constructed entirely from pill strips, this piece serves as a statement, highlighting the widespread ignorance regarding the potential side effects of this medication. Within our vibrant community, discussions about birth control are commonplace, as we share and exchange knowledge on this topic.

As a woman who has taken the pill consistently for the past eight years, I feel compelled to address the lack of awareness surrounding its potential negative effects and explore alternative options. The artwork prominently features various pills, empty pill strips, and excerpts from the leaflet, which contain warnings about possible side effects. Additionally, the pill's daily use contributes to substantial plastic waste, exacerbating the lack of proper recycling options. It is crucial to recognize the multifaceted pollution caused by the pharmaceutical industry.

By creating these artworks and conveying powerful messages, I aim to evoke reflection, spark conversations, and encourage a shift towards a more sustainable and conscious society.